One bag to hold all your guns, gear and ammo all while keeping both hands free

  Why I Got Started

Hackett Equipment was created out of necessity.  There are plenty of range bags on the market but they lack the ability to carry enough gear for a full day while keeping both hands free.  I carried a regular backpack for years, I loved having my hands free and being able to swing all my gear over a shoulder and hit the range.  I didn't like that all my gear was unorganized and every time I wanted to go out I had to spend an hour going through it and cleaning it out.  I started searching for the perfect backpack style range bag that I had pictured in my head and found that there were only a few options; none of which had the capacity for a full day's shooting.  I started picking apart what I liked about my bag and what I didn't like about it; from there the Hackett Equipment Range bag was born.

The Design

Both the original Hackett Equipment Range Bag and the Hackett Mini were designed with holsters sewn into the back across from magazine straps divided by a pocketed partition for holding paperwork and paper targets.  The next compartment in both is specifically designed to hold standard boxed ammo.  These two main compartments on both our flagship bags open completely in half to allow easy access and maximum storage.  The handgun storage area and ammo storage compartments are both pad-lockable with a standard luggage padlock.  There is nothing like either of these bags on the market.  The Original Hackett Equipment Range Bag and the Hackett Mini are both U.S. patent pending.


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