Dual Gong Target
Dual Gong Target
Dual Gong Target

Dual Gong Target

Hackett Equipment

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The Ultimate Reactive Steel Target


Great quality for an amazing price! These targets are sure to stand the test of time and make for an awesome day at the range!


  • All targets are made of 3/8" AR 500 Steel
  • High Quality Craftsmanship
  • Solid Steel Universal Target Hanger and Stand
  • Constructed to deflect shrapnel away from you
  • Painted
  • Incredibly Easy Assembly
  • Collapsible stand for easy transportation

Comes with: 

2- 10" Gong

1- Target Stand and Cross Brace

Mounting Hardware Included

Total weight= 47.0 lbs

Dimensions: 26" x 24" x Height of 2 x 4

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** 2 x 4 Lumber Not Included **

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