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      HACKETT Core Values

      Community. Honesty. Lifestyle.

      Here at HACKETT we believe in a strong community. Where people like you are connected and supportive of each other. We are open, welcoming, and forward looking. We take up and fight for causes that we believe in, especially when it comes to the second amendment. 

      We are smart enough not to give up our means of self defense and yield to those who say that this right does not belong to us.  

      We stand for pride, honesty, and transparency in how we do business and interact with our customers. 

      The ability to exercise the Second Amendment is a lifestyle, a choice, and is of paramount importance to us. It is about rolling up our sleeves, being the best we can be, and getting better every day. It is about; the protection of our family and friends, competition, and sharing valuable life skills that get passed down from generation to generation. 

      Our customers know and understand the importance of quality gear. It is these people who we are here to serve. 

      Expressed through you, the protector, the provider, and the defender, HACKETT aims to be your number one choice in shooting equipment rooted in those values you believe in.


      About Greg Rutkowski, President of HACKETT

      To know anything about Greg, we’d have to start the story with his grandfather Bruno. A Polish refugee of the second World War and a Korean war veteran, Bruno knew a thing or two about the importance of the second amendment as he was forced from his home by the Russian army. 

      At a very young age, Bruno was very eager to get into firearms. He started by joining his high school's rifle club in Chicago. This was back in the day where taking a rifle on a public bus was not uncommon or illegal. It was here Bruno’s love for guns and his support for the second amendment started to flourish. He eventually became an NRA honorary lifetime member and spent endless hours advocating the second amendment, bulls-eye pistol shooting, and skeet shooting. 

      On his farm in Wisconsin, Bruno started a shooting club called “The Hornets Club.” Membership was exclusive and you had to earn your way in. It was mostly family and close friends. Initiation ranged from survival tasks to shooting a cigar tube with a .45 caliber pistol at 25 yards (one-handed).

      It wasn’t just a shooting club, it was a men's lifestyle club. They had Hornets Club jackets and the whole nine yards. During this time Greg’s father put his hat in the ring. He didn’t have very much knowledge of guns but eventually became a rising star and a top shooter within the club. 

      Growing up around this group of cavalier and charismatic bulls-eye shooter’s, Greg was absorbed into their world. It didn’t take him long to start emulating them. He would spend long summer hours picking up brass only to help them reload at night to shoot the next day. Rinse and repeat all summer long for many years. 

      His first gun was a Red Rider BB Gun and at the age of six years old, Greg squeezed the trigger of a .22 caliber pistol for the first time. It was love ever since. As Greg got older, his support for shooting sports and the second amendment only increased.  He would practice sniping small targets with a pellet gun, play paintball with his friends, and when he was old enough, buy his first gun (a Smith and Wesson 686+1 Revolver). Since then, his interest in the firearms community strengthened as he eventually purchased Hackett equipment in 2018 becoming even more immersed in the shooting world.

      You often can find him shooting his wheel guns and his pistol caliber carbines. Many of which are featured in social media posts. 

      Today Greg focuses on taking his business acumen and core values to turn HACKETT into a reputable brand working closely with competitive shooters, military professionals, and your every-day shooter to bring you high quality and  professional-grade shooting equipment.