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Rand Bore & Bolt - 10oz Aerosol

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A favorite among gunsmiths who know it; great for your gun, easy on you.

• Powerful cleaning properties.

• Non-Toxic & Odorless: You don’t need gloves or increased ventilation.

• No acids, ammonia, or poisonous solvents.

• Works perfectly with Rand CLP and HAWG Grease. • Safe for all metals, woods, and polymers.

• Great in ultrasonic cleaners. Just filter and re-use. • Leaves the metal (wet) and protected from dry corrosion. 

Why Should I use RAND Bore & Bolt?

We have created a non-toxic solvent with powerful cleaning properties that is virtually odorless. RAND Bore & Bolt is a Bio based solvent that is specially formulated to allow deeper penetration of carbon, powder, rust, and other fouling agents. It is also safe to use on all metals, polymers, and wood. You will spend less time cleaning, and more time shooting.

How Does RAND Bore & Bolt Work?

Our solvent was created specifically to penetrate and remove carbon, lead, powder, rust, and other fouling agents by penetrating into the residue and removing it from the inside out. This makes removing built up carbon and powder almost effortless. When combined with RAND CLP, you will cut your cleaning time in half; especially after the second and third cleaning.

How Has RAND Bore & Bolt Been Tested?

RAND Bore & Bolt has been vigorously tested in the field by Special Forces Sgt. Maj. Kyle Lamb (USA ret.), and is officially endorsed by his company Viking Tactics. Sgt. Maj. Lamb is meticulous in his research and testing before endorsing a new product, and his opinion is highly valued and sought after by people looking for high quality products.

Is RAND Bore & Bolt eco-friendly?

Yes. Bore & Bolt is a non-toxic virtually odorless green solvent; it was formulated to be a better, safer, green alternative to toxic, petroleum based solvents. As a result, RAND Bore & Bolt can be applied in non-ventilated spaces with no adverse effects on the user... no more solvent headaches or oily residue on your hands.

How Often Should I Clean My Firearm?

You should pre-treat all your firearms with RAND CLP for rust protection when in storage. After every firing, your weapon should be cleaned
with combination of RAND CLP and RAND Bore & Bolt to eliminate all carbon and powder fouling, and to prevent rust. Continuous use of RAND CLP together with RAND Bore & Bolt will keep your firearm at peak performance, extend the life of your weapon, and significantly cut down on your cleaning time.

How Does RAND Bore & Bolt Stack Up Against the Competition?

RAND Bore & Bolt is the future of weapons maintenance. Combined with RAND CLP, our products cut cleaning time while extending the life of your weapon in a non-toxic, non-combustible, odorless, eco-friendly package that is made in America.