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AMAZING!! I went to the range with a good friend of mine who had this bag. He saw me arrive with my typical two bags of equipment, two ammo cans, and a rifle bag and decided it was time for me to be introduced to this bag. I literally ordered it from my phone as he was speaking. Amazing range bag! They thought of everything! I looked up the bag with my phone and I was expecting to pay $300. Let’s just say I was blown away to learn it was only just over $100!! If you’re considering getting this bag, stop considering and just get it, you won’t be disappointed. Get it before they realize people will pay much more than they have been charging! Lol!

Neal C.


Hurricane Irma Go Bag! I purchased my Hackett bag and it arrived the Friday just before Irma hit Florida. Calling this bag "BIG" is an understatement. I was able to pack my three pistols and 600 rds of ammo. I also was able to pack 4/5 days of clothing, 2 pairs of shoes, all my toiletries, important papers/photos etc. Luckily I didn't have to evacuate but this bag was more than enough for the job. This bag will be with me along time.

Jason A.


MUST HAVE!! As Texas license to carry instructor, Ive seen it at all! This bag is by far the best range and overall equipment bag that I've ever purchased the quality is phenomenal and I'm very impressed with its ergonomically strong features. I've already bought two more that I've given to fellow range instructors. 

William W.


Great product! I bought this with some skepticism on how good it could be for the price. Well I am very surprised. I have loaded this bag up and with no issues. The zippers hold up great, all of the webbing is holding up with all of the weight that I have stuffed in the bag. I really can't say enough about it. Great quality at a reasonable price. I'd tell anyone who asks to get one. I also really like how I can organize my bag unlike a normal range bag. I could keep rambling but I won't. Get one!

Tom M.


Amazing Bag Amazing Company! Bought this range bag and it is one of the best purchases I've ever made. Holds everything, 4 pistols, ammo, 24 PMAGS and so much more!! Padding on the shoulder straps keeps you comfortable as well no matter how much you load into it. I would definately recckmend this bag to anybody.

Nathan S.


Great multipurpose bag. Purchased this bag after seeing GLS October newsletter. Great backpack, padded shoulder and waist ribs wide padded shoulder straps. Bag will hold 15 pistol mags as well as 12 high capacity rifle mags. Has a divider that covers the 4 pistol pockets. No problem with large revolvers or automatics. Took it on a two week car trip south, also carried laptop and iPad in it. If it was any better you'd have to put wheels and handle on it. It will carry a lot of gear, very happy with the bag

Patrick C.


This is a great bag, it holds everything. I used a duffle bag and a gun case but was looking for something simpler. This bag holds my firearms, ammo, magazines, targets and gear. The bag opens up flat for easy access so you don't have to dig through all your gear it find what you are looking for. This is a great bag I have already recommended it to friends.

Kenneth S.


Good layout with lots of room for anything and everything that you think you need at the range with room to spare. In fact, it is VERY easy to load way more than you think you'll need for the range before even thinking about how much ammo to bring. 
It'll take me at least 2-3 range trips before I'll be satisfied with what really is needed and what I can leave out. As it is right now, I know that I need to cull some of what I have loaded in the bag.

Lyndon H.

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