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The Baby Bertha One Pistol Concealed Carry Backpack Does It All

When You Need A Multipurpose Concealed Carry Gun Bag

Baby Bertha One Pistol Concealed Carry Backpack









The Baby Bertha spawned from a strong demand for a concealed carry backpack that wasn't going to break the bank. Most bags you see in this category are $100 or more and we knew we could beat that. We came up with a unique way to carry your firearm for less than $60! 

One of the best benefits of this bag is that all of the features are sewn into it. Because of this, you don't have to mess around with buying extra components for the bag like other brands make you do. You are ready to go right away.

Concealed Carry With Your Biggest Pistol

The other really cool aspect is that it can fit a HUGE pistol. So if you are hiking, hunting, or just like to carry something BIG, the holster can fit a pistol up to 10" in length and the main compartment of the bag can fit a PDW (personal defense weapon) up to 16" in length. Woah!

Baby Bertha Concealed Carry Backpack

We designed this bag so you can literally take it everywhere. I've been using the bag for concealed carry, EDC, hiking, and to work for almost a year now. I can tell you that it does not leave my side, ever. 

When I want to pack light, the cinch straps help compress the bag nicely. When I'm getting away for the entire weekend, Baby Bertha can expand to more than 9" deep. And there are tons of compartments to keep you nice and organized. 

There were also new features added to this bag. Unlike our other bags, Baby Bertha has a velcro loop patch panel on the inside. The size of the bag also fits perfectly on your back so you can comfortably go about your day without having to look like a freshman in high school.

Baby Bertha One Pistol Concealed Carry Backpack 

The Gun Bag That Gives You Access, Choices, and Freedom. 

Although this bag is meant more for transportation than quick-draw, you can easily access the main compartment in a matter of seconds. You can also secure the zippers with a lock when you need to as well. 

Baby Bertha Concealed Carry Backpack

In short, when you need a concealed carry backpack that works as hard as you, the Baby Bertha is a no-brainer. This price point and Lifetime Warranty makes it an easy choice!

As a bonus, you even get the signature Baby Bertha patch!

Baby Bertha One Pistol Concealed Carry Backpack Patch