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The Best (Primo) Leather Gun Belt by HACKETT

Primo Leather Gun Belt by HACKETT

Have you yearned for a better gun belt at a great price???

We are here to tell you why the Primo Leather Gun Belt by Hackett is the best gun belt to hit the market in a LONG TIME!

Here at HACKETT, we like to solve problems for you, the work hard/ play harder shooter. 

We saw an overbearing need in the gun belt category for a premium-quality leather gun belt for a better price than what the market was currently offering.

And for almost one year, we worked tirelessly to make you a heavy-duty, high-quality, kick-butt gun belt for the best price possible. We even threw our own little twist on it (as we always do), with an oversized logo deeply embossed on the outside. 

What makes this belt higher quality than the other offerings? Firstly, it is made out of one solid piece of the best quality leather that money can buy. You will NOT find better leather on this planet. Secondly, our super-secret tanning process keeps the gun belt nice and stiff for a very long time. 

Some of you may remember the old days where grandpas gun belt was a high-quality piece of artwork to be admired. The Primo Leather Gun Belt is reminiscent of that.

You will be able to see, feel, and smell the quality. Althewhile knowing that this product is top-notch. 

Your Future EDC Belt / Concealed Carry Belt

HACKETT Leather Gun Belts

If you are looking for a new EDC belt or concealed carry belt, the Primo Leather Gun Belt will be your next concealed carry belt. It is perfect for work, getting dressed up, and shooting at the range. This belt is a WORK HORSE. With the help from a three-generation leather maker, the quality is so insane that you will not trust any other leather brand to carry your firearm on the daily. 

Before we started making this leather gun belt, I was wearing a gun belt made in the 1970s as my EDC / concealed carry. The quality of this belt was better than I've ever seen and nobody was making them this good anymore. This is what we used as the bar when making the Primo Leather Gun Belt and we weren't going to settle for less. 

Our belts do not have any of the extra B.S.

This is a simple gun belt made from the highest quality materials, period. We did not see the need to add a steel core to our belts (those who do are using low-quality leather). Our gun belts are not double-layered either (also a sign of low quality). We are giving you exactly what you need without any of the funny knick-knacks and marketing that our competitors do. 

For this gun belt, we used the popular "roll-style" belt buckle that will keep your belt crisp and Chicago screws in a silver finish so you can change out the hardware for customization.  


Easy Sizing

Our sizing is very easy too. All you need to do is take your "pants waist size" add "4" to get your "belt size." See the chart below to find your belt size.

Leather Gun Belt Sizing Chart


If you are looking for a better leather gun belt for EDC & concealed carry, the Primo Leather Gun Belt will be everything that you've always wanted AND MORE. Your confidence in the quality and durability of this belt will never be in doubt. 

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