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Range Backpack vs Traditional Range Bag

Range Backpack vs Traditional Range Bag

Have you decided to upgrade your old pistol range bag but don't know whether to choose a range backpack or a traditional range bag? We are here to point you in the right direction!

Here are five big reasons why we think the range backpack is far superior to the traditional range bag. 

1) Range backpacks offer more comfort.

Chances are that by the time you got done loading up that range bag, you didn't realize how heavy it would be. Carrying a duffel-style range bag makes you feel lopsided with all of the weight on your left or right arm. Range backpacks solve this problem because it allows you to carry the heavy bag centered on your body. Most range backpacks also have a padded backing and people are surprised how comfortable and easy to carry it can be.


2) Range backpacks allow you to carry more. 

Because both hands are free, you have the option to carry more guns and ammo with you. It also saves you from having to take more than one trip to the car. Let's face it, carrying your guns to the car with you on range day can be uncomfortable especially if you live in urban areas. Besides that, range backpacks can be big enough to allow you to carry your AR pistols or pistol caliber carbines!


3) Range backpacks have a lot better organization.

Say goodbye to digging through your seemingly bottomless traditional range bag. Range backpacks have more compartments and are laid out better. There are designated sections of the bag for your; guns, magazines, targets, ammo, gear, and tools. You'll be able to quickly find what you are looking for. When you are at the range, time is precious and you don't need to be messing around trying to find a box of ammo. Since there is more organization with range backpacks, you also get better protection for your gear. 


4) Range backpacks are more discreet. 

If you don't want to advertise that you are carrying a lot of guns and ammo, range backpacks are more discreet and typically look like your average gun bag.


5) Competitive shooters are choosing range backpacks. 

Because of the above reasons, more and more competitive shooters are choosing range backpacks. Unlike the traditional range bag, there are also many more color and size variations to suit your needs. So whether you need supplies for an all-day competition or a quick trip to the range, you have plenty of size options to choose from.



 If you are in the market for a new range bag, we highly suggest that you consider choosing a range backpack over a traditional range bag. The number of benefits you get from a range backpack is so much more. 

We also suggest checking out our collection of range backpacks to get you started. The quality is superior, prices are fair, and we stand behind our products with a Lifetime Warranty. Check out all of our five-star reviews. 

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