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Big Bertha: The Best Shooting Range Backpack On The Market!

Make room for Big Bertha, the best shooting range backpack you've ever worn!

She’s large, in charge, and can hold more shooting range accessories than any other range backpack on the market. We introduce to you our flagship product the Big Bertha Four Pistol Range Backpack. Released to the market in the fall of 2016, this range bag has changed the way thousands of Americans carry their firearms to the shooting range. 

Here are some of Big Bertha’s favorite foods:

  1. Pistols: This shooting range backpack has 4 secure pistol compartments! Clasping latches that keep your firearms in place eliminate weapon jiggle. Your favorite pistols are snug, cozy, and safe with Big Bertha.
  2. Ammo: You can fit 12 boxes of ammo comfortably in this behemoth sized range backpack! With velcro straps that keep each compartment secure, you’ll never have to scrape the bottom of your range backpack for loose rounds again.
  3. Magazines: Big Bertha can comfortably hold 15 magazines. That means less time loading rounds at the shooting range and more time making things go “boom!”
  4. Targets: Tired of your shooting range targets getting crumpled up in your range bag? Big Bertha has a slot to keep your targets safe and crisp as the day they were printed!
  5. PCC’s, SBR’s, AR15’s with folding stock: Got a firearm 19 inches or shorter? Big Bertha will gobble it up, no problem.
  6. Just about anything else!

While she may be big, you’ll find yourself wondering where she puts it all. The secret is in the three folding zipper compartments that lock for safe transport.

To top it all off, Big Bertha is soft in all the right places. With microfiber padding for shoulder blade and lumbar support, a hug from Big Bertha has all the cushion you need to keep on pushing! You won't believe how comfortable this bag feels at max capacity, which is 60 pounds by the way.  

Although she's a big girl, she hides well in plain sight. That is because there is nothing tactical about her on the outside so you can be at ease what you are traveling in public places. 

Lastly the Big Bertha Four Pistol Range Backpack comes with a Lifetime Warranty and a 60 money back guarantee. You have nothing to lose and will have a range bag for life. 

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