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Ten fun ways to make your range day more awesome!

10 fun ways to make your range day more awesome!


You're tired, sweaty, and you’ve been training all day. The thought of a mag dump becomes increasingly appealing. You start loading your 50 round Glock drum mag while fantasizing about how fast your going to dump it when it's your turn to shoot.
Before you leave a small mountain of brass on the ground, here are ten fun things that you can to do to spice up range day.


  1. Smoke a Cigar (and shoot the cigar tube) - This is one of our old family shooting traditions that goes back at three generations. It was a right of passage for us growing up. Place the cigar tube on a flat surface and try shooting it at twenty five yards with a pistol, one handed. Who ever hits it first gets to keep it as a souvenir.
  2. Blow Up Some Tannerite (unexpectedly) - Even though the fascination with Tannerite has fizzled, that doesn't mean it isn’t fun to make it sizzle. This applies especially when you have a newbie at the range. Place a paper or cardboard target over a can of Tannerite. Make sure the bullseye of the target lines up with the proper point of impact on the can. When you get the newbie on a roll shooting other targets, tell him to aim at your hidden can of Tannerite. Make sure you video tape his reaction when he hits it!
  3. Play H-O-R-S-E With a Buddy - Now it’s time to shut up your loud mouth friend that claims he can hit the plate with his eyes closed. We all remember H-O-R-S-E, the classic schoolyard basketball game. This version gives a whole new meaning to “I bet you can’t make that shot!” The more target options, the more types of guns, the more shooting combos you can come up with. One of our favorites is double-tapping the gong at 50 yards.
  4. Give the Girls Some Range Time - Do you really think the women like standing there watching you shoot? Think again. Get the girls involved in your competition or have them compete with each other! They will have more fun, they’ll likely want come back, and they may even quit fussing over how much money you spend on your gun collection.
  5. Make the Newbie Pickup Casings (Even If You Don't Reload) - Okay, okay, okay. Sorry newbies. If you're going to shoot our guns and ammo, we gotta have some fun with you.
  6. Dueling Tree Fun - Don't have a dueling tree? You NEED to get one. Endless amount of games. Endless amount of fun. This is another chance to shut up that loud mouth friend of yours and add another feather to your cap.
  7. Make it a Date - "Now wait a second. You think the old lady is going to buy that?" Yes, we do. There are two equally awesome ways that you can do this. The first is the good old fashioned picnic route. The trick is not to tell her that it's going to be a picnic. Surprise her with one after she comes with to the range with you. Use it as a way to graciously thank her. The second way can be done year-round. A lot of indoor ranges are now hosting Date Night Dinner Shoots. This is where they give you and your girl range time, serve steaks, and pour wine for you and your lady to enjoy. Can you say brownie points?
  8. Gong Time - Everyone loves a good range gong. If you don't have one already, then you are doing a disservice to your friends and yourself.
  9. Play Battleship - Battleship targets are a great way to elevate your range experience and yet another way to kick your friends butt.
  10. Go Over the Top - Everyone loves the guy who really goes over the top. He shows up with all of the tacticool operator gear and seemingly endless amount of guns and ammo. We found that the Big Bertha Range Backpack is a fantastic way to do just that. This absolutely humongous bag holds more than you can carry and people will think that you visited John Wick's basement before you showed up at the range.


Have some dang fun will you???


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